Image Quiz: Ophthalmology—A young Labrador with a blind, enlarged right eye

Feb 15, 2011
By staff

Corneal stretching and the eye being glaucomatous for a long time are correct!

Buphthalmos with lines across the cornea are pathognomonic for breaks in the Descemet's membrane due to corneal stretching in glaucoma. The lines are called Haab's striae. The owner should be informed that glaucoma is severely painful and that, even in the absence of obvious signs of discomfort, removal of a blind, buphthalmic, and likely painful eye is in the dog's best interest. Animals adapt remarkably well to living with one eye only or even without both eyes. In the absence of corneal ulceration, an ocular evisceration and placement of an intraocular silicone implant are another option.