Leading Off: CAPC road show: East bound and down!


Leading Off: CAPC road show: East bound and down!

Jun 01, 2010

Dr. Paul is the executive director of CAPC and a former president of the American Animal Hospital Association. He is retired from practice and lives in Anguilla, British West Indies.
Yes, it's that time of year again when the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) motor home hits the road to bring high-quality continuing education to veterinarians, technicians, and client service personnel alike.

This year's tour takes us through parts of the southeastern United States, where parasites continue to be a major threat to pets and people. We are declaring war on these critters, and our speakers will be addressing "Operation Southern Shield" to battle heartworm and other internal and external parasites in their stronghold.

The 2010 CAPC road show will begin July 15 in Memphis, Tenn., and wind through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida to carry the latest word on parasite control to veterinary healthcare providers. We'll be hosting a number of informative dinner meetings at fun venues along the route. The presentations are all RACE-approved for continuing education credit for veterinarians and technicians. These meetings are wonderful opportunities to learn about CAPC, win prizes, tell us about your practices, and find out the latest about parasite prevention and control.

In addition, we will carry our year-round parasite prevention message to pet owners in a number of locations and help drive pet owners to you for answers through our many publicity and media interview opportunities along the way. Watch for announcements of coming CAPC road show visits and be sure to follow us on our blog at http://www.capcvet.org/.

Also during the road show this year, we are rolling out a new practice support opportunity that allows you and your practice to directly join CAPC in our education efforts. Individual technicians, veterinarians, and practices will be invited to partner with CAPC and make direct use of our educational materials and to identify themselves as CAPC supporters. These individuals and practices will receive a number of benefits, and we invite you to take full advantage of this opportunity to become a CAPC partner.

The prevention and control of companion-animal parasites requires a team approach, and we want to involve as many individuals and practices as possible to partner with us in this effort.

So from Memphis to south Florida to Atlanta, we are coming your way and want to meet you. If you live in this region, look for your invitation, or go to our website for more information and to make reservations at events near you. We look forward to another successful road show and want you to be part of it.