Idea Exchange: Let pet owners see under the bandage


Idea Exchange: Let pet owners see under the bandage

Showing pet owners what's under their pets' bandage to show the progression of healing.
Sep 01, 2014
By staff

We take digital photos of wounds that are to be bandaged so owners can see the progression of healing even though they are not in the treatment area when we are dressing the wounds. We always warn owners if the images are bloody or graphic, and we always ask first if they want to see the wounds so we don’t shock them. Generally, owners appreciate being able to see what is under the bandage.

These photos reveal the state of a 4-year-old bichon frise’s paw when the owner brought the dog in for a recheck (it was initially seen at the emergency clinic for a laceration on the bottom of its paw). When we removed the bandage, we saw necrotic tissue. Despite aggressive treatment, three toes eventually became necrotic.

A skin graft was performed, and there was no more devitalized tissue.

The dog just recently had its last bandage change and went home with only a small scabby area on the bottom of its paw.


Unfortunately, the owner tells us the dog is reluctant to put its foot down at home, so treatment is ongoing.

Laura Wiglusz, LVT

Melissa Campbell, assistant

Beth McCrea, receptionist

Grand Island, N.Y.