Letters: And nothing but the truth

Jun 01, 2007
By dvm360.com staff

I want to compliment you on Veterinary Medicine Digital—a great addition to the electronic world of veterinary medicine. [To peruse Veterinary Medicine Digital, visit http://www.vetmedpub.com/.] Also, it was a real pleasure to read Dr. Miller's column in the April issue on admitting our mistakes ("Mind Over Miller: To confess mistakes or not, that is the question"). His observations on the late Dr. Ralph Reese reflect what I learned at Double R Veterinary Center as a young high school kid with an interest in veterinary medicine. I subsequently graduated from the University of California-Davis and spent seven months working as a veterinarian with Dr. Reese and Dr. Richard LaRue before returning to the university. I currently work for the Idaho State Board of Veterinary Medicine investigating complaints, and I echo Dr. Miller's observation on why most complaints are filed when honest errors or mistakes occur in our practice of veterinary medicine.

Barry L. Rathfon, DVM
P.O. Box 6264
Ketchum, ID 83340