Letters: Dr. Miller's admirable stance


Letters: Dr. Miller's admirable stance

Jan 01, 2008
By dvm360.com staff

I have enjoyed Dr. Miller's cartoons and writings over the years. In the October issue, he describes the good ol' days of veterinary practice ("Mind Over Miller: Finding a good home for a discarded animal"). I have had several of the same types of experiences over my 38-year career. Unfortunately in today's times, it seems that most veterinarians do not have the time for such things. But these are the things that make veterinary medicine unique. These are the moments I have cherished throughout my career.

I also just read with delight Dr. Miller's perspective in the November issue on foie gras ("Mind Over Miller: Foie gross!"). I, like him, have never understood our leadership position on this matter. To me, it is simple! If this process causes disease to the animal, we as veterinarians should oppose it! Well done, Dr. Miller.

A.D. Elkins, DVM, MS, DACVS
Veterinary Specialty Center of Indiana
Indianapolis, Ind.

Thanks for Dr. Miller's comments on foie gras. It is a horrible process that I can't believe the AVMA won't take a stance on. In this area, we as veterinarians are pathetic. Congratulations, Dr. Miller.

Vikki Trupin, DVM
Equine Veterinary Services
Pulaski, Tenn.