The parasite picture: An update on ticks


The parasite picture: An update on ticks

"Tick populations seem to be ever-moving, ever-increasing," says veterinary parasitologist Dr. Richard Gerhold.
Dec 19, 2017

Ticks are a high profile parasite, and rightfully so according to Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Richard Gerhold, DVM, MS, PhD. Though they get a lot of press for their connection to Lyme disease, the pathogens ticks transmit affect humans and wildlife in many different ways. And the pests are dynamic, heading this way and that: Amblyomma americanum is moving north into Canada; Ixodes scapularis is moving south, he points out.

Since ticks are a hot topic, Dr. Gerhold has some advice when discussing them with clients:

"The biggest thing to hit on when it comes to ticks is the importance for year-round tick prevention. People sometimes think if it's not spring or summer, ticks aren't out and that's not true," he says.

Watch the video to hear about the importance of getting this message out.