Teach your veterinary clients 'the hand test'


Teach your veterinary clients 'the hand test'

Dr. Sarah Wooten is here to help make body condition score easy for your clients to understand.
Jan 31, 2018

Discussing pets' body condition with clients can be a frustrating task. Whether the patient in question is underweight or tipping the scales a little too much, Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Sarah Wooten, DVM, has a practical demonstration that will help pet owners get an accurate understanding of condition, "especially for visual and tactile learners."

How does it work? In this video Dr. Wooten explains the method of comparing a dog's ribs to portions of your own hand to determine condition: Back of hand (optimum), knuckles (underweight) and palm (overweight).

Watch the video to see Dr. Wooten explain the hand test.

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