Thanking Our Valued Reviewers


Thanking Our Valued Reviewers

Dec 01, 2008
By staff

Peer review is essential to ensuring the quality and integrity of the articles that appear in Veterinary Medicine and are posted on its Web site. Every manuscript submitted to the journal is reviewed by at least two acknowledged experts, usually specialists, on the paper's topic. Reviewers spend countless hours carefully evaluating a paper's accuracy, thoroughness, objectivity, and suitability. Besides offering the editors their recommendations on publication, reviewers provide authors with thoughtful advice on how to improve their papers. In short, our reviewers set a standard for excellence in the information published in Veterinary Medicine.

We thank the following people who reviewed papers evaluated for publication in 2008. Take a moment to scan this list of distinguished veterinary professionals from around the world. You'll no doubt recognize most of these colleagues as former professors, well-known authors, mentors, renowned clinicians, eminent researchers, and other leaders in veterinary medicine. They brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the task. We greatly appreciate their painstaking efforts and their generous offering of time and professional talent.

Ana J. Adams
Jay C. Albretsen
Laura J. Armbrust
Trina Bailey
Jane A. Barber
Joseph W. Bartges
Trevor N. Bebchuk
Peter F. Bennett
Laurie Bergman
Lauren L. Blaeser
Janice J. Bright
Lisa G. Britt
Tara J. Britt
Kenneth A. Bruecker
David S. Bruyette
Barret J. Bulmer
Jennifer L. Buur
Julie K. Byron
Kim Carey
Marcia A. Carothers
Gwendolyn L. Carroll
E’Lise M. Christensen
John J. Ciribassi
Dale F. DeNardo
Ravinder S. Dhaliwal
Cheryl R. Dhein
Jane M. Dobson
Susan M. Eddlestone
Corey A. Entriken
Timothy M. Fan
Cecilia A. Friberg
Dean R. Gahring
Leigh E. Glerum
Laura A. Goodman
Joseph Harari
Kenneth R. Harkin
Stephen J. Hernandez-Divers
Milan B. Hess
Mary Lynn Higginbotham
Steven R. Hollingsworth
Fiona K. Hollinshead
Roger A. Hostutler