Today's Daily Dose: Cryptorchid castration


Today's Daily Dose: Cryptorchid castration

May 12, 2011
By staff
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“In my practice, both the cryptorchid and normally descended testicle are removed by a routine closed castration with two minor variations. One variation is separation of the cremaster muscle away from the spermatic cord and emasculation of the muscle.

This allows a greater length of the spermatic cord to be exteriorized from the inguinal ring by eliminating the pull of the muscle on the cord. The second variation is placement of a single transfixation ligature using size 1 polydioxanone suture at the most proximal aspect of the spermatic cord, which is then emasculated distal to the ligature.”

—Siobhán M. Baggot, DVM, MAIS

From Charles T. McCauley, DVM, DACVS