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Case Study: Easy-to-Build Exotic Ward Offers the Next Level of Service

July 22, 2004

You can create a small, successful exotic ward with no more space than an unused storage room and boost the service you offer owners of exotic pets, says Dr. Jennifer Graham, Dipl. ABVP. "Clients are beginning to ask, 'Are the exotics kept separate from the other pets?' and 'What special treatment can you provide?' " Dr. Graham says. "Clients know these issues are important and will evaluate the practice on team members’ responses."


Senior Testing Education Enhances Care and Compliance

July 7, 2004

Senior wellness screenings reveal abnormalities in 23 percent of dogs and 17 percent of cats with normal physical exam results, according to a 1999 study conducted by Antech Diagnostics. Dr. Daniel Brod, co-owner of Deer Creek Animal Hospital in Littleton, Colo., uses this statistic during wellness exams to communicate the importance of annual senior testing to clients. He says that in about one of four senior dogs he tests, he identifies early disease processes, such as renal, liver, or thyroid disease—that's about 15 percent higher than in younger dogs at his practice. And he says that the study results mirror his findings in senior feline patients as well.


Case Study: Dental Lecture Series Improves Patient Care and Compliance Statewide

June 23, 2004

Teaching proper dental care is part of the program at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington, Minn. And they aren't just teaching their staff members. Co-owners Drs. Katherine Knutson and Stephen Barghusen are using a dental lecture series to help practices statewide improve their standard of dental care and improve client compliance.


Case Study: Puppy Parties Bond Patients to Practice

May 13, 2004

Dogs can’t wait to get through the front door of Chanhassen Veterinary Clinic in Chanhassen, Minn. For 12 years, the clinic has been throwing free puppy parties in its reception area. And month after month the team finds that when you correct unwanted puppy behavior with a reward-based approach, you build long-lasting family bonds, and in the process, pets’ bonds with the practice and with other pets. “Puppies literally come running into the clinic looking for their party pals,” says Dr. Deanne McCabe, one of three practice owners.


Case Study: Employing a Manager Gives Practices a Raise

April 28, 2004

Hiring a practice manager can boost productivity, staff satisfaction, and practice revenue. Just ask Dr. Gail Mason, MA, Dipl. ACVIM, co-owner of Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Associates in Brunswick, Maine. She and co-owner Dr. Mark Mason, MS, Dipl. ABVP, have saved 15 hours a week combined since they hired practice manager Perian Phillips seven years ago. Between the two specialists, the practice can schedule four additional 45-minute referral appointments per day.


Case Study: Sampler Packs Boost Dietary Compliance

April 14, 2004

“Kidney disease is the No. 1 disease I diagnose,” says Dr. Arnold Plotnick, DABVP, DACVIM, owner of Manhattan Cat Specialists in New York. “And cats with kidney disease that eat appropriate diets live longer.” The key, he says, is for clients to try each of the available diets until he or she finds one the pet will accept.


Sampler packs boost dietary compliance

April 14, 2004

To get pets eating appropriate diets quickly, this doctor offers clients a sampler pack of the therapeutic diets he recommends for cats with kidney disease.


Case Study: Canine Blood Banks Save Lives

March 31, 2004

Dr. Robert Esplin's client knew the value of the canine blood bank when he rushed his dog to Sylvania Veterinary Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio. The twist: the dog being rushed to the hospital was called in to donate blood to another dog in need.


Case Study: Phone Scripts Communicate Value in Every Call

March 18, 2004

“Phone scripts help receptionists educate new clients before they enter the practice,” says Tracy Dowdy, CVPM, a consultant in Dallas. In her consulting work, Dowdy introduces phone scripts that emphasize the value of basic services into practices across the country.


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