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Articles by Cynthia Wutchiett, CPA

An accountable accountant

Oct 1, 2006

My partner and I are opening a hospital and we're concerned about our accounting structure. Is a local accountant with a good reputation adequate, or should we find someone who specializes in veterinary medicine? What kind of costs can we expect?


It ripped this practice apart and the push and pull cost thousands of dollars, the result of poor decision-making, turnover, and lower productivity. Ultimately, they closed their doors. Don't suffer the same fate.
Apr 1, 2006

Conflict closed this practice's doors for good. Don't suffer the same fate.

Is your associate a strong potential partner?

Mar 14, 2006

Here are the factors owners say they weigh most heavily when deciding about an associate's ownership potential.

Up & out

Mar 1, 2006

The numbers prove it: Selling a part interest to your associate boosts practice value and increases your net worth?plus, this step gives you a clear succession plan. Associates: You win with a buy-in, too.

Top benefits of owning

Mar 1, 2006

Of course, greater earning power and financial gain rank as important reasons for ownership. Yet there are more reasons to take this step. Here are some other benefits to owning a practice.

Increasing your client base

Jan 1, 2006

My practice has a steady client base, but we'd like to increase our new clients. What's the most effective way to grow?

Promised ownership

Nov 1, 2005

A veterinarian I don't know that well offered me an opportunity to work for a clinic she's purchasing, promising that if we're compatible, she'll allow me to buy in. How do I formalize our agreement?

Steer your practice in the right direction

Sep 1, 2005

The 2005 Well-Managed Practice Study shows how important strategic planning is to achieving your practice vision—and respondents say their only regrets are not planning sooner.

Get a clear picture of practice value

Practice valuations keep you from inflating or underestimating the value of your practice—a key investment in your portfolio
Mar 1, 2005

A potential buyer will want to know what it would cost to provide the same services you offer.


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