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Articles by Veterinary Economics Editors

Projectile plays in Baltimore

Apr 30, 2008

Check out this video from the concert.

Your links to data about the big-picture issues of veterinary practice

Aug 1, 2007

Data on incidence of malpractice claims, veterinarians' approach to giving back to the community, veterinary income and work hours compared to human health workers', and more.

Connect to practice benchmarks and data on financial trends in veterinary practice

Aug 1, 2007

A close look at such financial issues facing veterinary practices, including clients' perceptions about fees, changing expenses, and competition from online pharmacies.

By the numbers: Getting to know the next generation of leaders

Aug 1, 2007

A look at associates' debt, purchasing power, interest in ownership, and more.

Connect to data about veterinary clients' knowledge and preferences

Aug 1, 2007

These charts show who handles client education in veterinary practices, how clients see behavior issues, and more.

Check out this data to learn about veterinary practices' approach to personnel management

Aug 1, 2007

These study results illuminate issues that help a veterinary practice run smoothly, with a strong focus on personnel solutions.

Top 10 flea myths

Mar 1, 2007

Use this handout to educate clients about flea control.

Meet the judges

Mar 1, 2006

These experts help us identify top design trends.

Final collection letter

Mar 1, 2006

Use this sample collection letter as a starting point as you work to control accounts receivable.


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