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Articles by Robert M. Miller, DVM

Mind Over Miller: The dangers of denial

Nov 1, 2005

One of the strongest and most destructive human emotions is denial. And in veterinary practice, especially companion-animal practice, we see denial every day.

Mind Over Miller: Does humor translate?

Oct 1, 2005

Practitioners are blessed if they have a good sense of humor. The stress, frustration, disappointment, and turmoil of daily practice are greatly mollified when viewed through the prism of humor.

Mind Over Miller: My first day in practice

This column originally appeared in August 1976.
Sep 1, 2005

One of the peculiarities of medical training is that the students cannot understand which of the myriad diseases they study are commonplace and which are exotic.

Mind Over Miller: People say the darndest things

Aug 1, 2005

When I was in college, I spent summer vacations taking tourists on horse pack trips in the Rocky Mountains. During that time, I was asked some incredibly stupid questions. So when I travel, I like to ask tour guides what the dumbest questions they've ever been asked are. The usual response is "You wouldn't believe me!" I always tell them, "Oh, yes, I would."

Mind Over Miller: Professionalism counts!

Jul 1, 2005

Practice consultants often recommend linking associates' pay to their performance. That is, pay them a percentage of the income they generate. I disagree emphatically. Why? Because it creates a conflict of interest and may influence doctors to run unnecessary tests or even to perform questionable surgical procedures.

Mind Over Miller: A lesson from my father

This column originally appeared in the June 1974 issue of Veterinary Medicine.
Jun 1, 2005

My father watched me present a credit card to the service station attendant. The Christmas visit to my parents' home in Arizona was over, and I was filling my camper with fuel for the drive back to California. This was in 1972 B.C. (Before Crisis).

Mind Over Miller: Seniors: Lose weight without exercising and grow your hair back!

May 1, 2005

I was thrilled when the FDA cracked down on supplements containing ephedra last year, the first such action against a supplement. Although the recent overturning of the ban in Utah by a federal court is disappointing, I still hope the FDA's decision will pave the way for an industry gone amuck.

Mind Over Miller: The evolving pet diet

Apr 1, 2005

When I started practicing, the most common cause of death in older dogs was chronic interstitial nephritis.

Mind Over Miller: Hypochondria, here we come!

Mar 1, 2005

It occurs to me as I lie here suffering an attack of viral gastroenteritis, popularly known as the California crud, that we are becoming a nation of hypochondriacs.


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