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Articles by Mark Opperman, CVPM

Delegate & double-check

Dec 1, 2006

Grit your teeth and make the handoff. Offer up the responsibility that goes with the work. And build in both accountability and meaningful rewards.

Use your voicemail

Nov 1, 2006

Five pluses to to using your voicemail to get the right messages to the right people in a timely manner.

Mobile compensation

Oct 1, 2006

How much should I compensate a mobile veterinarian who wants to perform surgeries and dentals at my clinic? She'd conduct the procedures but use my clinic's equipment, staff, and drugs for her clientele.

Ready set grow!

Oct 1, 2006

You're stoked about offering your clients new services and products. But your team's response is underwhelming. Here's how to get started and get your team onboard.

Wanted: Able associate, must love dogs

Sep 1, 2006

It's tougher than ever to get a strong new associate. But these strategies can help your practice stand out.

Sticky salary situation

Sep 1, 2006

I've been with the same clinic for seven years. There's a lot of turnover, and my boss hires new graduates. Depending on my day, I'm stuck playing teacher with up to three new veterinarians. My boss isn't around much and says I'm not pulling my weight given what I'm being paid. How can I explain the situation to him?

When to go out on a limb

Jul 1, 2006

You don't have to avoid accounts receivable altogether—just be smart about when to offer credit and who you offer it to.

Production deductions

Jul 1, 2006

We currently subtract the cost of inventory from our doctors' production. Do you recommend this? Also, should we subtract payroll taxes?

Sweeten the deal

Jun 1, 2006

Make sure your benefits stack up well against the other options team members could find in your area—and give employees more reasons to stick around.


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