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Articles by Gerald Snyder, VMD

Is your staff a 'missionary' for the practice?

Mar 1, 2003

Why is it that a fat chance is a much smaller chance than a slim chance? Huh?

Let's toast to these ratios

Feb 1, 2003

A Chambord martini is made by combining 2.5 ounces of vodka with a half-ounce of Chambord liqueur, shaken with ice and poured off the ice.

A fool-proof way to give estimates

Jan 1, 2003

Remember, clients really want a forever healthy companion

Don't confuse stress with fear

Nov 1, 2002

Imagine that you are at the gym bench-pressing more weight than you ever have before.

Demographics: science of success

Oct 1, 2002

About the middle of the last century, shortly after the second consecutive war that was designed to prevent all future wars, the brain trusts of the universities of our land decided to add a hefty scoop of veterinary colleges to their intellectual diets.

Without communication, failure looms

Sep 1, 2002

I suppose, looking through my retrospectoscope, that there was never a time in our profession, when medical expertise alone, made less of an impact, and communication skills made more of a difference between economic success and just barely surviving in practice.

Tired of working the 52x52x52 plan?

Jul 1, 2002

You know; work 52 hours a week because you just can't find an associate willing to come to work for you for less than you are taking home yourself.

Don't let 'Chinese torture' kill your practice

Jun 1, 2002

In ancient China, a favorite form of slow execution was called "the death of a thousand cuts."

Communicate positive attitude to staff

May 1, 2002

Ask any number of our colleagues to tell us the most challenging part of their practices.


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