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Articles by Marnette Denell Falley

Use human health comparisons to build value

Apr 28, 2008

The client looks up from your estimate and says, "Wow. That's a lot." What do you say when you encounter price resistance?

Perform a SWOT analysis to identify new business opportunities

Apr 28, 2008

The strongest practice teams work on their business, not just in it. Use this approach to give structure to your conversations about what paths to pursue.

Thanks for making my job great

I can tell you from experience that time flies when you're having fun. And there's no doubt, this job is fun. You all are a big reason that's true.
Mar 1, 2008

You're a wonderful, generous, gracious group. And I've enjoyed working with you and for you as the editor of Veterinary Economics.

The curse of knowledge

Feb 1, 2008

More information, more experience, more skills—those are all good things, right? Actually, your know-how can sometimes work against you.

Brave new world

Hard work, positive thinking, and cohesive group effort were not enough to make our software change go smoothly. It’s an excellent reminder that change is hard.
Jan 1, 2008

This issue of Veterinary Economics has been quite an experience for our editorial team—we switched software. Any of you who've done that in recent memory can probably identify.

Doors of opportunity

Not every idea has to work for you. The key is to keep introducing new ones to the mix.
Dec 1, 2007

OK, so let's say you disagreed with Mark Opperman last month. You've done fine without written employment contracts, and you never intend to put one in place. Or maybe you tried to move to twice-yearly exams in November, and every client refused your recommendation ...

Honoring our mission

Nov 1, 2007

Every day, my team here hunts for the information you need to achieve your goals in practice. That's our goal. Our mission.

Facing your fears

Oct 1, 2007

Most people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death. But you also need to share your ideas and know-how with the world.

Nice to meet you ...

Sep 1, 2007

We talk all the time about first impressions. You doctors may never get a chance to make a first impression if your team suffers a misstep with a potential client along the way.


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