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Articles by Veterinary Economics Editors

Veterinarian evaluation form

Feb 1, 2006

Use this sample veterinarian evaluation form as a launching pad for written employee performance reviews or as a self-evaluation tool.

Compensate for no-shows and tardiness

May 1, 2004

This doctor's scheduling strategy minimizes problems caused by late and no-show clients

Sampler packs boost dietary compliance

Apr 14, 2004

To get pets eating appropriate diets quickly, this doctor offers clients a sampler pack of the therapeutic diets he recommends for cats with kidney disease.

Playing it "safe"

Apr 1, 2004

Ask yourself these questions to check the health of your office safe

Paying for leftover inventory

May 1, 0004

A recently hired associate brought in leftover inventory items from a previous practice. How much should I pay her for the inventory?


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