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Articles by Rachael Whitcomb

Taking the pulse of 2011 and beyond

General practice remains at a crossroads; hastened by the economy, specialization
Feb 1, 2011

General practice remains at a crossroads; hastened by the economy, specialization

California producer files suit to clarify Prop 2 requirements

Feb 1, 2011

Modesto, Calif. — a poultry producer filed a civil suit in California seeking specific directions on how to comply with the controversial Prop 2.

Adoptions up for cats, but flat for dogs over the last year

Feb 1, 2011

National Report — The number of dogs adopted from animal welfare organizations was flat over the last year, but cat adoptions increased 3 percent, according to recent figures from Pet Point, an animal management software ompany.

Congressman urges Nuclear Regulatory Commission to apply veterinary radiation rules to human medicine

Jan 6, 2011

Washington -- Pets undergoing radiation treatments are thought to get better post-treatment care than people, and one Congressman is hoping guidelines for human care can be improved to model veterinary protocols.

Financing education the biggest challenge for deans

Survey of 42 deans uncovers most important skills, biggest concerns
Jan 1, 2011

National Report — More than hald of the veterinary deans surveyed believe that budget and finances in a time of fiscal restraint remain their biggest challenges, according to a new joint study.

Post-mortem on the Gulf oil spill

Jan 1, 2011

National Report — Nearly 7,000 animals died in the Gulf of Mexico following the worst man-made disaster in U.S. history.

Online pet pharmacy report

Focus in 2011 will be to expand in pet supplies segment
Jan 1, 2011

Pompano Beach, Fla. — Online sales are up 4.1 percent at PetMed Express, Inc., but revenues are still on the decline, leading the company to boost its presence in the pet supplies market, according to a second-quarter financial statement.

Chicago DVM accused of covering up dog fights

Five month investigation end in arrest, license suspension
Jan 1, 2011

Chicago — A Park Forest veterinarian who allegedly covered up dog fights and issued fraudulent rabies certifications, among other things, has been arrested.

CSU turns focus to bedside manner

Argus Institute workshop helps veterinarians learn to deal with their biggest fear—clients
Jan 1, 2011

Fort Collins, Colo. — Often, veterinarians cite client relationships as one of their most difficult challenges.


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