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Articles by Marsha L. Heinke DVM, EA, CPA, CVPM

Are you budgeting for charitable giving?

A business plan can help organize claims, respond to inquiries
Mar 1, 2006

It is reasonable to decide which areas you are particularly passionate about and plan them as part of your 2006 charity pool.

Back to basics: Create checklist for monitoring valuable stock

Nov 1, 2005

Higher percentages of gross income for any line-item expense should immediately drive management's closer inspection.

'Three strikes' helps reduce stress, improve efficiencies

Employee accountability can help promote, encourage 'awareness'
Apr 1, 2005

Veterinary practice can be fun, or it can be stressful. The trick is to figure out how to minimize stress points so you can experience enjoyment the majority of the time.

Negotiation tactics

Use your attributes; listen, but ask questions and know personal, professional goals
Mar 1, 2005

Do not be fearful of making a decision. Your are negotiating a position to expand your expertise ...

Are you prepared for the misinformation age?

Jan 1, 2005

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO). More than an acronym for computer data-input error, GIGO describes a plethora of practice management challenges every administrator faces. Welcome to abundant misinformation in the information age.

Achieve your goals in veterinary practice

Tips for maintaining your vision, attaining success in the profession
Nov 1, 2004

Long ago, before you even made application to veterinary school, you had a vision; you had a vision of what you wanted to accomplish once you had that license of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in your hand.

Practice succession requires continuous effort

Success is as much about emotions and beliefs as it is about price and cash flow
Sep 1, 2004

Maximizing profit means stripping the practice of capital by a variety of means...

Business Analysis

Practice succession: Minimize value-reducing liabilities Its not easy to measure the value of intangible assets and the cost of liabilities
Aug 1, 2004

The succession of a veterinary practice to new ownership rests in much more than the opinion of an appraiser.

Practice succession is a career-long endeavor

Capital, expenses, cash flow, legal issues play role in transition; preparation is key
Jul 1, 2004

Professional reward... is closely aligned with a thoughtfully managed hospital.


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