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Articles by Tom McFerson, CPA, ABV

5 startup horror stories

Let these lessons keep you out of a business nightmare of your own.
Jul 1, 2007

Let these lessons keep you out of a business nightmare of your own.

Building for lease

Nov 1, 2006

Q: Are there any guidelines for leasing my building after selling the practice?

Clients for sale

Sep 1, 2006

I'm going to sell my list of 1,300 active clients to a practice located about five miles from mine.How much should I charge?

Start me up

Jul 1, 2006

I'm opening a new practice. Is a conventional loan better than a capital lease?

Find the right exit

Jun 1, 2006

Consider these five roads out of practice, and start planning your journey now.

Starting from scratch

May 1, 2006

Opening your own practice takes courage and vision. And keeping it open requires profits. Tilt the odds for financial success in your favor by answering these six key questions about your new venture.

Taxability of service rewards

Mar 1, 2006

What tax rules apply to awards given to employees for service?

Managing without money

Jun 1, 2005

I own a small practice, and 2 percent to 4 percent of the gross won't support a manager. So how can I get the necessary help for such issues as personnel, financial, and facilities management?

Starting out a success

May 1, 2005

Is it possible for a start-up to be profitable from the beginning? If so, how?


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