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Articles by Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, DACVB, CAAB

Cat signaling: Learn the behavior dance to help patients

Sep 1, 2005

We must remember that interactions are a dance with roles for both partners, who each give and request information.

Are you encountering problematic behavior?

Feb 1, 2005

In the clinical research on human patient populations, the data suggest that the fastest way to induce and reinforce pathological panic is to remove any opportunity for self-control.

Are you fluent in Dog?

Jan 1, 2005

Body posture in dogs is an easy factor to assess in the signaling repertoire, but we too often ignore it. This quick tour through some common postures involving stance will help you understand what dogs are communicating and what their next movement might be.

Storm Phobias

Sep 1, 2004

So, for all the pets who suffer, here's the take home message: Storm and noise phobias are emergencies.

Behavior signals interpreted with body postures

May 1, 2004

No signaling or communication system in social animals is simple. The main reason this is so involves context.

Are you fluent in dog?

Understanding 'normal' behaviors key to correcting problems
Mar 1, 2004

As practitioners learn how important canine and feline social interactions and cognition are, they ask questions about how they can better understand the interactions and their outcomes. The key to understanding interaction is through signaling.

Suggest temporary boarding first when confronted with behavioral euthanasia

Nov 1, 2003

Last month, we discussed the history and treatment for Hoova, an 18-month-old female Shepherd mix, who was euthanized for her aggressive behaviors.

Of dead dogs and unmet expectations

Oct 1, 2003

This is the story of two very different canine patients who met the same end: their people had them euthanized because of their behaviors.

Separation anxiety: Not all dogs crated or kenneled successfully

Jun 1, 2003

Within a few months, Solo's separation anxiety had decreased and he could be left alone for an hour or so. As often happens with rescued dogs, he had also begun to show some other, less savory behaviors.


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