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Anonymously online

Students take to the Web to discuss courses, school frustrations
Sep 1, 2008

Students take to the Web to discuss courses, school frustrations

Going green or seeing red?

DVMs face hardships in finding, complying with new environmental rules
Sep 1, 2008

The inconvenient truth isn't just a documentary about climate change. It's also the reality that many states and local governments are cracking down to protect their environmental well-being while their targets might not even know they are doing anything wrong.

Campuses expand size, services

A look at what's new and under way at the nation's veterinary colleges
Sep 1, 2008

A look at what's new and under way at the nation's veterinary colleges.

Veterinary cancer collaboration

OSU researchers get $10.9 million to continue retrovirus studies
Aug 5, 2008

Columbus, Ohio - A decade of research and $20 million in grants yields an impressive recipe for uncovering new information about retrovirus-associated cancer as it affects both animals and humans.

Calif. Senate snips spay/neuter bill

Mandatory sterilization law gets cut back, providing only an increase in fines
Aug 1, 2008

Impotent might be the best word to describe a law that would have required almost every cat and dog older than 4 months to be spayed or neutered before the measure was dramatically altered on the California Senate floor.

'Declaw law' could set broad precedent

New Calif. bill would collar local interference in state regulation of professions
Aug 1, 2008

Sacramento, Calif. — Municipalities won't be able to ban state-sanctioned medical practices if a proposed bill passes in California.

DVMs partner with human microsurgeon to reverse vasectomy

Aug 1, 2008

Washington — A team of reproductive experts performed what is believed to be the first reverse vasectomy on an equid at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

Tackling turnover

Job hopping accelerates for associate DVMs, technicians
Aug 1, 2008

Lakewood, Colo. — Associate veterinarians are jumping jobs faster than the average American worker, according to a new study, and salaries that don't keep pace with inflation could be partly to blame.

California's recovery

Veterinarians, volunteers tend to pets and livestock plucked from wildfires
Aug 1, 2008

Paradise, Calif. — Thick smoke forced him from his home, but it hasn't kept Dr. Mike Seely from visiting a local evacuation shelter where he checks on hundreds of pets and livestock displaced by the wildfires that burn throughout California.


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