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Articles by Gerald Snyder, VMD

Do you have the 'I'm outahere' mind-set?

Consider the demographics before considering a relocation of your practice
Mar 1, 2009

It's Monday morning, and only three clients came in.

Is it the economy, or are your fees holding you back?

Feb 1, 2009

It's human nature to have biases — preconceived notions — that shade our daily experiences.

It's time to bail out your practice

Good management requires tough decisions, but it's imperative in this economy
Dec 1, 2008

Life can be very strange indeed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics proclaims veterinary medicine to be one of the fastest-growing fields. Yet, if you are a companion-animal practitioner in a mature practice, your transactions are likely down for each year of this decade.

Monitoring your practice in today's economy

Paying attention to demographics, finances, diagnostics yields benefits.
Nov 1, 2008

Paying attention to demographics, finances, diagnostics yields benefits.

The incredible shrinking client base

Oct 1, 2008

Gerald Snyder, VMD, provides an analysis on client visits and the changing times.

The 'whether' report

Gloomy economic climate faces those who fail to forecast and set realistic fees
Sep 1, 2008

It's a cloudy day for veterinary medicine.

The 20 percent solution

Find ways to reward your best clients — ignore them at your peril
Aug 1, 2008

The Pareto Principle is an observation (not a law) that most things in life are not distributed evenly. It could mean any or all of the following:

Lessons from an unsellable practice

What veterinarians can do before retirement to boost profits and attract buyers
Jul 1, 2008

A hard-working solo veterinarian reaches 67 years of age and wants to sell his practice and retire after 25 years of building it up. It's a no-brainer — or is it?

Setting fees — it's a state of mind and economics

Jun 1, 2008

So why do we have such poor self-esteem? Is it getting worse?


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