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Articles by Gary Glassman, CPA

Video: Don't discount your software's inventory module

Oct 17, 2008

Gary Glassman, CPA, talks up the benefits of letting your practice software watch your inventory.

Watch out for state unemployment audits

Jul 2, 2008

These audits can cost you, so be sure you correctly classify your employees.

Selling your practice's goodwill

How do I sell my practice's goodwill to a practice that could benefit from the potential business?
Jun 1, 2008

How do I sell my practice's goodwill to a practice that could benefit from the potential business?

Deducting reimbursements

Mar 1, 2008

Know how your expenses are reimbursed to be sure you get the right deductions.

Don't count on deducting life insurance costs

As part of a buy-sell agreement, insurance isn't a business expense.
Feb 1, 2008

If you practice with partners, your buy-sell agreement is an important way to develop a plan to purchase an owner's interest under a variety of circumstances and to protect your own interest in those same circumstances—one of which is the death of a partner.

Get your landlord to fix things up

But don't get tripped up on the taxes.
Jan 1, 2008

Your "construction allowance" is considered taxable income unless you follow these rules.

Checklist for a buy-sell agreement

Sep 7, 2007

A printable PDF of the answers you need before buying into or selling a part of a veterinary practice.

Don't get knocked out by a buy-in

Sep 1, 2007

These tips will help you duck common legal, financial, and communication oversights and keep you off the ropes during your transition to ownership.

Balancing benefit discounts

Jun 1, 2007

Q. I'm concerned about my hospital's liberal employee discount benefit. Are there any guidelines I can offer the owner to keep him and the rest of the team safe from tax liability?


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