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Articles by Robert M. Miller, DVM

Mind Over Miller: Stuck in security

Dec 1, 2009

A poem on the joys of airport security.

Mind Over Miller: Radiographing dogs, dolphins, and cowboys

Nov 1, 2009

It's common sense to unite the human and animal medical professions because we humans suffer illness as do all other animals, because many diseases are transmitted from animals to people and vice versa, and because we're inexorably linked.

Cartoons from Dr. RM Miller

Oct 8, 2009

Take time for a chuckle with these cartoons from the ultimate veterinary insider.

Mind Over Miller: Don't socialize medicine

Oct 1, 2009

Our decisions in life are made to a degree by our personal experiences. I want to share some experiences I've had and why I oppose socialized medicine.

Mind Over Miller: Three decisions that led to happiness

Sep 1, 2009

Major decisions that led Dr. Robert M. Miller to happiness.

Mind Over Miller: The accidental patient

Aug 1, 2009

You may recall that the title of my first book was Most of My Patients Are Animals. Last year in this column, I related a couple of stories that illustrated the meaning of the title, with an emphasis on "most." Well, here are a few more.

Mind Over Miller: Beyond the fireworks

Jul 1, 2009

It is July. The only national holiday this month comes on the fourth of the month. It's called Independence Day. But we don't often say that.

Letters: Observations on Dr. Miller's fatherly advice

Jul 1, 2009

Good stuff in the "Fatherly advice" Mind Over Miller column (Veterinary Medicine, June 2009). As a 40-year-old, I would like to offer a different perspective.

Mind Over Miller: Fatherly advice

Jun 1, 2009

After I graduated from veterinary school in 1956, I drove down to Arizona from Fort Collins, Colo., to begin my practice career. My father said he wanted to give me some advice.


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