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Articles by Ernest Ward Jr., DVM

Handout on walking dogs for weight loss

Jun 29, 2007

Print this PDF with tips to help clients exercise their overweight dogs

When your client doesn't care about obesity

Jun 29, 2007

Tips for talking about a pet's weight with an apathetic client

Dog food and activity log: a client handout

Jun 28, 2007

Print this PDF that clients can use to keep track of dogs' food and exercise

Dr. Ward's berry smoothie

Jun 25, 2007

A delicious recipe for a super-healthy drink

Get out of your unhealthy rut

Mar 1, 2007

Don't wait until you collapse on the floor of your clinic to make much-needed changes to your lifestyle. Personal wellness is crucial to fulfilling, successful practice ... and it could save your life.

From exam room to starting line in eight weeks

Mar 1, 2007

With dedication, training, and planning you can run a 5K race.

On your way to a 5K

Mar 1, 2007

This eight-week plan will help put the finish line at your first race in sight.

Fresh start

Jan 1, 2007

Clean up with 12 monthly resolutions for your best year yet!
Plus! Three more must-do's from the experts!

4 hurtful statements clients make

Oct 1, 2006

Your client says, "You care more about my money than you do about my pet." How do you respond?


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