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Articles by David M. Lane, DVM, MS

Is mixed animal practice becoming obsolete?

May 1, 2003

Mixed animal practitioners caught on the 'horns of dilemma'

You are the target!

Apr 1, 2003

Knowing over-the-phone sales tactics can help you weed out helpful calls from time-wasters

Multiple pet appointment leads to loss of customer focus

Mar 1, 2003

Spreading out single appointment improves diagnostics, revenue

Parasitology 101

Feb 1, 2003

Clients seeking 'special privileges' can suck time, money, energy from practice

Is collegiality dead?

Jan 1, 2003

You can break the isolation barriers our society has built

A tale of two clinics

Dec 1, 2002

Pushing yourself beyond gravitational forces of the business environment is key to professional growth

Try to minimize time-sapping callbacks

Nov 1, 2002

Dr. McCormick is on the computer filling a prescription for a late client and is hoping to go home to a nice dinner with her husband.

The anatomy of firing a client

Oct 1, 2002

The Greens appear unannounced as the staff is finishing the daily close out.

Veterinary ethics

Sep 1, 2002

Establishing ethical standards in practice starts with owner


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