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Articles by Brendan Howard, Business and Team Channel Director

The shelter dilemma

Is it possible to find passion and a profitable partnership in the world of lost and abandoned pets? Some veterinarians have found a way.
May 1, 2008

Everyone can start to break the impasse between private practitioners and shelters by listening.

A Katrina tale

Apr 10, 2008

Animal rescue in the roiling storm.

Vick's victims star on the small screen

Apr 1, 2008

NFL quarterback Michael Vick's dogfighting ring is broken up and his former pit bulls and other dogs are living better lives.

Um, there's something on your nose

Apr 1, 2008

Professors at Texas State University talked to people with and without body art to get the lowdown on the hire-ability of the tattooed and pierced.

The R word: Recession

Apr 1, 2008

With a possible recession looming, a wave of financially struggling clients may be cresting at your door. Are you ready?

Recession in the equine world

Use these strategies to keep recession woes from plaguing your equine practice.
Apr 1, 2008

The impact of a recession, if it happens, on equine veterinarians will be uneven, just as it will be in the small animal world, experts say.

Cats combat cardiac arrest?

Apr 1, 2008

Cat canoodlers are rewarded with healthier hearts, at least that's the way it appears.

Projectile's new lead singer passes away

Mar 7, 2008

Dr. Tom Arand won a contest to head Projectile at last year's CVC Central.

Apes all done with experiments

Mar 1, 2008

A new federal law guarantees that some primates who've served as scientific guinea pigs won't go under the knife again.


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