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Articles by Elizabeth Trotta

Elizabeth Trotta

Associate Editor

The Balancing Act
November 1, 2006

Achieving life balance isn't easy. Changing your approach requires trust and commitment.

Don't make me defend you
November 1, 2006

"Bad things happen. Animals die. Surgeries don't go as planned," says Bonnie Lutz, JD, an associate with Klinedinst Attorneys at Law in Orange County, Calif. "But that's not why veterinarians get sued."

Make your pregnancy work at your job
July 1, 2006

Use these tips to forge the best relationship and foster the best work environment you can during a tough but exciting time in your life.

Late clients: better late than never?
July 1, 2006

The late client, sister to the no-show, can topple your schedule and turn your practice into a three-ring circus. Use these four strategies to manage past-due arrivals.

Use software to tackle no-shows
July 1, 2006

Your scheduling software gives you four more defenses against no-shows.

Quit waiting around for no-shows
July 1, 2006

19 tips to cut back on no-shows and get back to business.

Make your unsightly exam room unbelievable
November 1, 2005

Do you have an exam room that compromises your dignity? Do clients gawk and children giggle when they step into Room Three? You can remodel this terror of a room without creating chaos. Just ask the team at Great Neck Veterinary Clinic, Virginia Beach, Va., winner of the 2005 Veterinary Economics Ugly Exam Room Contest, sponsored by Veterinary Economics, BDA Architecture, Shor-Line Cabinet Co., and InPro Corp. Great Neck Veterinary Clinic realized it had a problem—and fixed it.


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