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Articles by Philip VanVranken, DVM

Philip VanVranken, DVM

Dr. Philip VanVranken is the founder and managing owner of Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic in Battle Creek, Mich.

Parasite control: It's in the mail
March 1, 2008

Brochures let us explain the technical aspects of parasite-related diseases, the tests to detect them, and the products to control them. Maybe some of our ideas could work for you too.

Real world fee setting
September 1, 2006

Not every client lives in a gated community. And when I look at benchmarks for fees, I think they're out of line with real-life practices—at least in our area.

Cross-training for work & life
July 1, 2006

You cover a lot of ground everyday, leaping personal and professional hurdles. Balance and practice will help you tread diverse terrain and become more than a well-rounded doctor—you'll be a well-rounded person.

Roll with the punches
June 1, 2006

Learning to take the hard hits with poise and professionalism will make you a better doctor. So when the ugliest parts of your job throw a punch-jab combination, roll with it.

Fitting in the lineup
April 1, 2006

Sometimes it's tough for a new associate to find his fit as part of the team, but having a good relationship with those up and down the roster is important for growth and success.

5 things that worry a new doctor
March 1, 2006

We asked new grad Dr. W. Andrew Rollo to team up with experienced practitioner Dr. Philip VanVranken to talk about the worries practitioners face in that first yearand what owners and associates can do to smooth the transition to practice.


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