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Articles by Angie Hartin

Angie Hartin

Put unused space to work as a central pharmacy
February 24, 2010

Scattered inventory and inefficient procedures cost you time and money. Here's a solution.

Satellites need communication with the mother ship
May 1, 2008

Communication failures between facilities lead to disconnect and tension.

Lights! Camera! Meet!
March 1, 2008

Our 24-hour clinic has a main office, three satellite facilities, 14 veterinarians, and 80-plus team members, so staff communication is always a challenge. In addition to a weekly newsletter, we have monthly meetings for each department and a monthly staff meeting for everyone.

A mint on the pillow
March 1, 2007

We've adopted a major hotel chain's steps for providing excellent client service. Of course, we aren't in the hotel industry, but we are in the hospitality industry.

Phone room gives clients equal attention
January 1, 2007

We pulled the phones from our front reception area, and we've never looked back.

Let's talk
December 1, 2006

Walkie-talkies keep this practice connected. Could this gadget help your team?


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