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Articles by Kerry Richard, JD

Kerry Richard, JD

Paying for associate CE
April 1, 2007

Q. I know we need to pay team members when they attend required training meetings. But what's the legal standard for paying associate veterinarians their salary to attend CE meetings? Where does the practice's responsibility end and the doctor's responsibility to maintain her license begin?

Let them go, but get back your goods
January 1, 2007

How can I ensure that fired employees return hospital property, such as smocks and door keys?

Stemming Internet abuse
September 1, 2006

We'll soon have Internet services available for employees to use for ordering. We've said that personal use isn't allowed, but should I add this to the clinic's policy manual? What should I include?

Pruning poor performers
January 1, 2006

Legally, you can terminate an at-will employee at any time. Of course, there are some exceptions.

Giving someone the axe ... the right way
November 1, 2005

Learn the potential legal ramifications of terminating an employee.

Responding to requests for personnel records
July 1, 2005

A problem staffer asked for a copy of her personnel record. Must I release it?


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