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Articles by Melody Heath, DVM

Melody Heath, DVM

Put rude client behavior on hold
July 1, 2012

If cellphone use is becoming a nuisance in your practice, you're not alone.

Play nice with local low-cost veterinary clinics
March 1, 2012

They're popping up everywhere, they mean well, and they can't give clients what you do.

Turning death into a wake-up call
May 1, 2010

Every encounter is a chance to educate.

Finding my middle ground
December 1, 2009

A mother of three struggles to find a balance between family and work.

Think twice before criticizing a colleague
June 1, 2009

Badmouthing our colleagues in front of clients paints a bad picture.

The last act
February 1, 2009

I rescued my dachshund Toby 15 years ago. Would I have the strength to say goodbye today?

I got the mixed-breed, money-wasting blues
February 1, 2008

What's your take on this doctor's take on "designer dogs"? Comment now online.

A loyal pup who never forgot Mom
June 1, 2007

This surprise visitor taught one girl—and future veterinarian—that sorrow and sympathy aren't just human emotions.


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