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Articles by Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

Video: Nonveterinarians as practice owners--concerns and rewards
November 11, 2010

The scenario of nonveterinarians becoming practice owners is a hot topic. Here Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD, outlines some important issues to address when entering into such an arrangment, as well as the payoffs.

Legally search employees' lockers
September 1, 2007

When is it legal to search veterinary team members' lockers?

Unsupervised ordering raises ethical questions
July 1, 2006

My manager and associate order equine products through my veterinary practice. Is this legal, since I don't treat horses?

Addressing questionable ethics
January 1, 2006

The veterinarian I work for has questionable ethics; he treats animals in ways that clients wouldn't approve.

Addressing the responsibilities microchips raise
July 1, 2005

We took in a boarder from a longtime, good client, who said the pet was a stray that he acquired from the local groomer. During our exam, we found a microchip and were able to locate and contact the original owner, who said the dog had been stolen about six weeks earlier. What are our rights and responsibilities in situations like this?

Taking care of the team after selling the practice
November 1, 2004

I don't want to leave staff members jobless when I sell my practice. Can I include a clause in the contract requiring the buyer to retain my employees?


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