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Articles by Tracey O'Driscoll-Packer

Tracey O'Driscoll-Packer

6 steps to bearing bad news to veterinary equine clients
May 1, 2012

Support clients in painful moments.

Shelter from the economic storm
April 1, 2009

You can't control the bad economic news, but you can lift your employees' spirits with a heartfelt focus on team morale.

Watch out for dangerous assumptions
October 1, 2008

Make sure your staff knows how to handle the most essential duties.

Implement your equine practice mission statement
July 1, 2008

You've written your masterpiece—your equine practice's mission statement. So now what do you do with it?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it
May 1, 2008

Lead with the big picture and use it as a reference point for practice success.


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