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Articles by Jeremy Campfield, DVM

Jeremy Campfield, DVM

Dr. Jeremy Campfield works in emergency and critical care private practice in Southern California. He is also an avid kiteboarder.

Battling the debt demon: One veterinarian's quest to survive
February 1, 2014

The conclusion of a three-part series featuring stories from veterinarians on the front lines of the war on student debt.

Stories from the front lines of the war on veterinary debt: Part 2
December 1, 2013

Veterinarian Tim Dickerson started with a 10-year plan and a monthly budget to tackle his $120K debt.

Commentary: 20/20 piece worthy of outrage from veterinary profession
November 25, 2013

Disgruntled former veterinarian not a credible source for pet owners.

Stories from the front lines of the war on veterinary debt
October 1, 2013

The first of three stories of real veterinarians who are all engaged in the battle.

Hey, veterinarians: It's time to get our sexy back
June 1, 2013

These tips can spice up your professional life now and build stamina for the years to come.

Fact: Debt doesn't discriminate
April 1, 2013

Veterinarians aren't the only ones saddled—our clients deal with it, too.

Veterinarian reacts to New York Times article on debt
March 8, 2013

Although focused on the negative influence of rising debt and decreasing demand in the veterinary profession, article offers hope for at least one veterinarian.

Top 10 ways to feel rich even when you're broke
January 21, 2013

You can live large even when you're paying off student debt.

Death to debt: Veterinarians are not alone in the debt debacle
January 1, 2013

Lessons from human medicine shed light on veterinary student debt.


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