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Articles by John Lofflin, Contributing Author

John Lofflin, Contributing Author

How veterinary medicine can save the world, Part 3: Serving the public
November 1, 2013

Natural disasters. Disease outbreaks. Terrorist bombings. When crisis hits, these veterinarians are on the scene.

Public health expert: Most veterinary students' view of profession is too narrow
October 16, 2013

Schools urged to recruit more students interested in public service from the outset.

How veterinary medicine can save the world: Part 2, protecting the planet
October 1, 2013

According to one researcher, veterinarians' understanding of issues affecting global health is unmatched—which requires their involvement on the world stage.

10 ways researchers are studying diseases in dogs and humans
September 1, 2013

Research labs in veterinary schools everywhere are investigating diseases in dogs as they pursue healing both humans and pets.

How veterinary medicine can save the world, Part 1: Curing disease
September 1, 2013

In the next few issues of dvm360, we're taking a close look at how veterinary medicine benefits people, not just animals. In this first installment, we meet a 'translational' (cross-species) researcher who's in the process of revolutionizing orthopedic medicine—for people and pets.

Cancer research by veterinary investigators bridges canine and human disease
August 19, 2013

Utlizing dogs can close the developmental time gap, save millions of dollars and protect canine lives.

Tensions build between private practitioners, low-cost service providers
October 1, 2012

But some private veterinary practices have found ways to co-exist with public programs and charitable organizations.

Explore the controversy: Low-cost vs. high-end veterinary business models
September 21, 2012

Shawn McVey's offers advice for the veterinary practitioner who feels challenged by the low-cost alternatives.

John Ensign returns to veterinary practice
August 1, 2012

Former senator, now working as an associate veterinarian in the practice he founded, reflects on changes in veterinary medicine – and mulls another foray into practice ownership.


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