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Articles by Christina Materni

Christina Materni

3 bad spending habits of veterinary practice owners and managers
December 1, 2013

Take charge of these spending problems so you'll have something to celebrate on your 2014 financials.

A spoonful of service makes the veterinary clients come 'round
November 1, 2013

Use these tips to provide that sweet service and smooth out payment and compliance problems before they pop up.

Setting veterinary practice fees
October 1, 2013

Make sure your veterinary practice implements a plan for setting and increasing your fees to keep up with the competition.

Energy for your tired veterinary team meetings
September 1, 2013

Forget caffeine. Chug these five tips to energize your veterinary team meetings for maximum education and inspiration and a minimum of bored looks.

5 ways to #market your @vetpractice on social media
January 1, 2013

Say goodbye to old-school advertisements and hello to online engagement with clients. It's going to be quick and painless—we promise.

Homeward bound
November 1, 2012

What's more convenient than a visit to the veterinary practice? When the veterinarian offers an online pharmacy to deliver drugs right to clients' doorstep. Here's why you should be that doctor.


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