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Associate know-how

4 ways to a smaller hospital


Is bigger always better? I don't think so. With size come building and maintenance expenses—forever. Look at what you need in your new veterinary clinic, plan accordingly and get creative.

Letter to dvm360: An obvious part of the student debt solution? Fewer graduates

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 28, 2016

Despite a shrinking number of applicants per veterinary school position, class sizes have increased and new schools are opening. It’s time to stop.

Social media is a two-way street

FIRSTLINE - Jun 24, 2016

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest—it doesn't matter which social media platforms your veterinary practice has its hooks in. Want to succeed? You can't just talk AT gotta talk TO people!

In veterinarians' wildest dreams …


Join me and imagine, if you will, a fantasy practice that doesn't follow the rules—a practice that everyone owns, the pay is great and slacking isn't tolerated.

'Sup with your supplement game?


Some DVMs are weak on supplements, with pet owners doing their own questionable research and dosing and feeding their pets accordingly for such conditions as cancer, osteoarthritis and kidney disease. It's high time for you to dig into the science, says Dr. Ernie Ward, and see how they can help with pets' chronic conditions.

Career development for associates

Checklist for buying a practice

Jun 22, 2016

Don't buy—or buy into—a veterinary hospital before you work through this checklist.

Vetting the viability of new equipment

May 13, 2016

Can Dr. Greenskin convince her scrimping superior that investing in an ultrasound machine is prudent for both their patients and their pocketbooks?

What to do when the clinic's being sold

Jan 08, 2016

Hard questions smart associates ask themselves when ownership is changing hands.

Resolution No. 1? Beat Dr. Google

Dec 29, 2015

Dr. Marty Becker says the battle for relevance in pet owners' minds is veterinarians' biggest fight in the next 10 years.

Called beyond traditional veterinary practice

Jun 30, 2015

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang dedicates veterinary career to humor, compassion and good death experiences for pets.

Personal finances for associates

Resources for paying off veterinary student loan debt

Dec 08, 2014

Check out these tips for living with veterinary student loan debt.

How veterinarians can avoid losing the credit card game

Oct 01, 2014

Get over your hangups and start getting ahead of your veterinary debt with these dos and don’ts.

Your veterinary associate may want personal finance guidance

Sep 01, 2014

Practice owners rated "personal finance" dead last in what they provide in their mentorship programs, according to Benchmarks 2014: A Study of Well-Managed Practices. But associates didn't completely agree.

Personal finance: What veterinary associates should know

Sep 01, 2014

This pyramid provides a visual explanation of which areas make the most sense to implement after graduation and what areas to consider later in a career.

The retirement trap

Sep 01, 2014

Aging is inevitable, but the ability to retire is in your hands—so plan ahead to avoid getting caught in false financial security.