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Associate know-how

Diagnostic dental radiographs: A concise how-to

FIRSTLINE - Jan 18, 2017

Mary Berg, RVT, RLATG, VTS (Dentistry), demonstrates her preferred method of obtaining these images.

Powdered gloves? FDA says, 'Throw them out!'

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 13, 2017

The agency says the powder can cause "severe airway inflammation, hypersensitivity reactions and allergic reactions."

The unbiased truth about gender bias


Test your unconscious thoughts on the roles of men and women in veterinary practice.

How veterinary practice ownership is like a Manhattan brownstone

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Dec 08, 2016

Dr. Christopher J. Allen draws parallels between buying an apartment in Manhattan and buying a minority share in a veterinary clinic to illustrate why both need to be approached with caution.

Cutthroat or collaborative—which TV show is your veterinary practice most like?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Dec 08, 2016

May the odds be in your favor that you've got a close-knit group like Friends rather than a bunch of Walking Dead baddies in your midst.

Career development for associates

Mind Over Miller: Hold off on choosing your animal specialty

Nov 28, 2016

Young veterinary grads will be smarter and more career-flexible if they look to mixed practice for their first job.

In veterinary practice, lifestyle matters, but work ethic does too

Sep 15, 2016

Dr. Greenskin's morning quickly switches from Pokemon GO to an impromptu discussion on her investment in the practice with Dr. Codger.

10 things to love—and hate—about owning a veterinary practice

Aug 03, 2016

Are you an "owner type"? Find out right here. Here's what I struggle with and what I truly enjoy about owning a veterinary hospital.

Into the fires of Mordor: Overcoming your biggest veterinary fears

Jul 18, 2016

"One does not simply walk" fearlessly through life. Dr. Hilal Dogan knew that FOR SURE in the case of her early fear of surgery.

Checklist for buying a practice

Jun 22, 2016

Don't buy—or buy into—a veterinary hospital before you work through this checklist.

Personal finances for associates

I don't give discounts ...

Nov 09, 2016

To my veterinary clients. And I don't feel bad about it.

Resources for paying off veterinary student loan debt

Dec 08, 2014

Check out these tips for living with veterinary student loan debt.

How veterinarians can avoid losing the credit card game

Oct 01, 2014

Get over your hangups and start getting ahead of your veterinary debt with these dos and don’ts.

Your veterinary associate may want personal finance guidance

Sep 01, 2014

Practice owners rated "personal finance" dead last in what they provide in their mentorship programs, according to Benchmarks 2014: A Study of Well-Managed Practices. But associates didn't completely agree.

Personal finance: What veterinary associates should know

Sep 01, 2014

This pyramid provides a visual explanation of which areas make the most sense to implement after graduation and what areas to consider later in a career.