Associate know-how

From stenosis to rug scooting: Transitions for veterinary associates


Years out of school, associate Dr. Andy Rollo thinks back to the weirdness of general practice versus the university teaching hospital.

BizQuiz: Are you ready to own a veterinary practice?

FIRSTLINE - Jul 30, 2014

Take this quiz to learn whether you've got an owner's vision or you're stuck in an employee's mindset.

Top 5 ways not to welcome a new veterinarian

dvm360 - Apr 09, 2014

Roll out the worst welcome wagon ever with these tips.

Being "in the black" not enough for financial success, veterinary advisor says


Personal finance expert Mark McGaunn, CPA, CFP, covers dos, don'ts and best practices of personal finance for veterinarians.

Keeping up with noncompete clauses in veterinary employment contracts

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Dec 01, 2013

Massachusetts, among other states, is looking to ban these controversial clauses you may find when signing on as an associate.

Internal medicine

Stress sanitary practices with raw food diets

Aug 25, 2014

Avoid pet and human health hazards by educating pet owners on how to handle raw food diets hygienically.

Anesthesia reboot: Erase these myths and misconceptions

Aug 24, 2014

Veterinary anesthesiologist Dr. Ann Weil provides five important pointers on anesthetizing cats and dogs.

Journal Scan: How effective are buprenorphine’s analgesic effects in cats?

Aug 20, 2014

This article provides an overview of the analgesic effects of buprenorphine in cats.

UC-Davis veterinarians use near-infrared technique in complex surgery

Aug 08, 2014

New technology may become protocol of choice for surgical cases at veterinary teaching hospitals.

Journal Scan: Uremic gastropathy in cats with kidney disease: does it exist?

Aug 06, 2014

A study looks at whether cats with chronic kidney disease are more likely to develop gastric pathology as a result of uremia.


Video: Client education for dermatology diagnoses

Aug 18, 2014

Laird Goodman, DVM, CVA, offers suggestions on how to control—not cure—dermatologic conditions in pets; plus, how to educate and set realistic expectations for your clients.

Video: Keys to a great dermatology visit

Aug 18, 2014

Gene Nesbitt, DVM, MS, DACVD, offers his expert tips on how to conduct a great dermatology visit—and how the business benefits you can generate for your practice from dermatology visits.

Image Quiz: Fragile, hyperextensible skin in a dog

Jul 01, 2014

Uncover the condition behind this dog's pendulous, delicate skin.

5 facts about fleas and pets' skin

Jun 18, 2014

The lowdown on flea allergy dermatitis

The dermatology toolkit

Jun 01, 2014

This toolkit delivers articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools all designed to make it as easy as possible to discuss dermatology issues with your team and clients. (With an educational grant provided by Zoetis)