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Associate know-how

Ready to sign an employment contract? Remove your compensation blinders.

DVM360 MAGAZINE - May 18, 2016

When it comes to veterinary compensation contracts, associates need a 360-degree view before signing on the dotted line.

Vets: Stop hitting pet owners with the shot put


A fun metaphor captures a perennial physician, veterinarian problem with sharing medical information with regular folks.

Is the gold standard the old standard?

VETTED - May 10, 2016

What happens when the highest level of care just isn't an option for most of the clients you serve? Answers from the dvm360 Spectrum of Care survey point to a new world order: The days of providing nothing less than the gold standard might be numbered.

4 ways pet owners talk themselves into euthanasia


Euthanasia can be a gift, or euthanasia can be a frustrating choice. Help clients at your veterinary practice do it at the right time for the right reasons.

Scaling Mt. Vet: Pain and progress in practice

VETTED - Apr 29, 2016

Our recent survey uncovered your most pressing problems—high peaks you struggle to summit. Here are the top problems, with some suggested advice to help.

Career development for associates

Vetting the viability of new equipment

May 13, 2016

Can Dr. Greenskin convince her scrimping superior that investing in an ultrasound machine is prudent for both their patients and their pocketbooks?

What to do when the clinic's being sold

Jan 08, 2016

Hard questions smart associates ask themselves when ownership is changing hands.

Resolution No. 1? Beat Dr. Google

Dec 29, 2015

Dr. Marty Becker says the battle for relevance in pet owners' minds is veterinarians' biggest fight in the next 10 years.

Called beyond traditional veterinary practice

Jun 30, 2015

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang dedicates veterinary career to humor, compassion and good death experiences for pets.

Combatting suicide

Jun 26, 2015

Despite high military suicide rates, veterinarians are still more likely to be victims of suicide. Why?

Personal finances for associates

Resources for paying off veterinary student loan debt

Dec 08, 2014

Check out these tips for living with veterinary student loan debt.

How veterinarians can avoid losing the credit card game

Oct 01, 2014

Get over your hangups and start getting ahead of your veterinary debt with these dos and don’ts.

Your veterinary associate may want personal finance guidance

Sep 01, 2014

Practice owners rated "personal finance" dead last in what they provide in their mentorship programs, according to Benchmarks 2014: A Study of Well-Managed Practices. But associates didn't completely agree.

Personal finance: What veterinary associates should know

Sep 01, 2014

This pyramid provides a visual explanation of which areas make the most sense to implement after graduation and what areas to consider later in a career.

The retirement trap

Sep 01, 2014

Aging is inevitable, but the ability to retire is in your hands—so plan ahead to avoid getting caught in false financial security.