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Associate know-how

What three of dvm360's smart veterinarians are reading

VETTED - Mar 13, 2018

Drs. Hilal Dogan, Dave Nicol and Sarah Wooten share the books that are blowing them away right now and helping them prep for Fetch dvm360 in 2018.

No board sanction without representation

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Mar 05, 2018

An appearance before the state veterinary board brings up a larger issue: If a board’s composition doesn’t reflect the professionals it oversees, can it fairly pass judgment?

Discount your services, discount yourself


Not only do frequent discounts in the heat of the exam-room moment bring down the value of your services, they lower the value of every other veterinarian’s work.

Personal accounts: A vet on the verge of being free from student loans


This veterinary associate put a premium on paying back her student debt … and also on feeding her three dogs, four cats and three horses, as well as about 200 wild birds. The usual.

How to discount associates right out of practice

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 07, 2018

Dr. Codger wants to help, so he cuts prices for his veterinary clients. Dr. Greenskin wants to do top-quality medicine and charge appropriately. Are the two medical cases in this story going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Career development for associates

Your Veterinary Voice, Episode 17: Meet Marty Becker, DVM

Feb 16, 2018

He's a TV star, architect of Fear Free practice and a plain old practitioner. Come along and get to know this one-of-a-kind personality.

Go hard on soft skills: Top 10 nonclinical content of 2017

Dec 19, 2017

Veterinary medicine isn't all about science, diagnosis and treatment. Some of your day is taken up with the soft skills. Find out which nonclinical articles your peers loved the most this year in 2017 and resolve to try out some of these tricks in 2018.

Q&A with millennial practice owners

Nov 07, 2017

Their student debt is frightening. The generation's urge to own is lightening. Find out from two young veterinary practice owners why they did it, how they did it, and what their advice is for their generational cohort.

Biz Essentials: Buying or Selling a Veterinary Practice

Oct 06, 2017

Tools, tips and plans to inspire you to buy a veterinary practice, help you sell a practice or get your deal with the right buyer and sell through.

Death and the road to 'One Health'

Jul 10, 2017

Over and over again, we veterinarians hear it from our clients: Our pets die better than we do. In many cases, they’re right.

Personal finances for associates

Repayment realities: Why do some DVMs take longer to pay off student debt?

Mar 02, 2017

Demographic factors correlate with shorter—and longer—veterinary loan payback periods.

What happens to taxes under Trump?

Feb 13, 2017

Everybody will be affected: the well-off as well as the nation's veterinary practice owners and just about every tax-paying American. Here’s our guess in President Trump’s first month of office on the future of Uncle Sam’s revenue.

I don't give discounts ...

Nov 09, 2016

To my veterinary clients. And I don't feel bad about it.

Resources for paying off veterinary student loan debt

Dec 08, 2014

Check out these tips for living with veterinary student loan debt.

How veterinarians can avoid losing the credit card game

Oct 01, 2014

Get over your hangups and start getting ahead of your veterinary debt with these dos and don’ts.