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10 pet owner communication strategies to avoid lawsuits

January 1, 2014

Use these 10 strategies to foster better relations with clients. Then when problems surface, pet owners may choose conversation instead of litigation.


Form: Sample conversation tree: Responding to pet owners' comments about the 20/20 report

December 1, 2013

Consider some of the questions clients might ask after viewing the Nov. 22 20/20 segment, "Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest with You?" Then use these sample responses.

Crossword: Common resume mistakes

October 1, 2013

Use this crossword to test your resume knowledge before you apply for a job at a veterinary practice.

Client handout: Managing a flea infestation

July 9, 2013

Use this client handout to help pet owners manage persistent parasite problems.

Team tool: Brainstorm bottleneck scenarios

June 10, 2013

Use this activity to help your team identify and overcome the areas where your service bottlenecks at your practice.


Tips to pitch your idea to your supervisor

June 10, 2013

Use this advice to help gain acceptance for your new idea at your veterinary practice.


Sample script: Getting to the heart of the conversation

May 8, 2013

Role-play common parasite prevention conversations and write sample scripts to answer veterinary clients' top questions about heartworm disease.


Client handout: Understanding your pet's blood work

September 1, 2011

Client handout: Understanding your pet's blood work


Client handout: How to create low-stress veterinary visits for cats

July 1, 2010

Getting a cat to the clinic can be tough for clients. Teach them how to relax their fraidy cats with this handout.

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