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Ferret Diets

February 1, 2004

Wysong Corp’s line of health-first products now includes two ferret diets, Ferret Archetypal-1™ and Ferret Archetypal-2™.

Ferret Anatomy Poster

January 1, 2003

Marshall Pet Products domestic ferret anatomy poster offers a detailed color illustration of the domestic ferret

Ferret Vaccine

January 1, 2002

Merial introduces Purvax Ferret Distemper vaccine. The product is designed to control canine distemper in ferrets.


Ferrets may gain free rein in California

July 1, 2001

Sacramento, Calif.-Although ferrets may live peaceably in most other states, California officials hands a $1,000 fine to any daring ferret owner they catch in the state.

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