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Diagnostics: Veterinary CE

Canine and Feline Heart Disease Basics (Sponsored by IDEXX)

August 9, 2010

This online on-demand course is designed to give you a general overview of the most common canine and feline heart diseases and their effect on the cardiovascular system. (0.5 CE credits pending)

The ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer Certificate Course (Sponsored by IDEXX)

August 9, 2010

This online course discusses sample collection, preparation and handling techniques that help you create the optimal work flow in your in-house laboratory providing in-depth hematology information you can share with clients in real time for a higher standard of care. (1.5 CE credits)

The IDEXX Guide to Hematology (Module 1): An Introduction to Hematology and the Red Blood Cell (Sponsored by IDEXX)

April 2, 2010

This three-part on-demand course will help veterinary professionals gain the basic knowledge they need to understand and interpret small-animal hematology results, including using an automated hematology analyzer and performing a confirmatory blood film. (2 CE credits)

The IDEXX VetLab Station Certificate Course (Sponsored by IDEXX)

February 6, 2010

This interactive, self-paced, two-module course helps veterinary professionals gain proficiency on the IDEXX VetLab Station laboratory information management system. (2.5 CE credits)

The IDEXX Guide to the Complete Urinalysis (Sponsored by IDEXX)

October 19, 2009

The IDEXX Guide to the Complete Urinalysis will cover the complete urinalysis, which is comprised of three examinations: physical examination, chemical examination and urine sediment microscopic examination. (3 CE credits)

Fecal Analysis Workshop (Sponsored by IDEXX)

October 19, 2009

This online course provides instruction on fecal sample collection, preparation, and ova identification; compares centrifugation techniques and traditional float methods; and demonstrates the proper procedure for centrifuging fecal samples. (2 CE credits)

Learning More About the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer (Sponsored by IDEXX)

October 19, 2009

This online course provides detailed instructions for using the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer. (1 CE credit)

The IDEXX Guide to Bleeding Disorders (Sponsored by IDEXX)

October 19, 2009

This online course focuses on the practical approach to diagnosing bleeding disorders, including thrombocytopenias, thrombocytopathias, and von Willebrand's disease, as well as many coagulopathies, such as disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), by utilizing signalment, history, clinical signs and in-house diagnostics. (2 CE credits)

The VetTest Certificate Course (Sponsored by IDEXX)

October 19, 2009

This easy-to-follow, self-paced online course is a must-have for all practices with a VetTest Chemistry Analyzer. (3 CE credits)

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