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Articles by Juliet R. Gionfriddo, DVM, MS, DACVO

An eye on canine orbital disease: Causes, diagnostics, and treatment

Nov 1, 2013

Drs. Gionfriddo and Aaroe provide an overview of common orbital diseases in dogs and the best approaches for diagnosis and treatment.

Eyelid laceration repair: A step-by-step guide

Jul 1, 2013

Use care when repairing lacerations of the eyelid to ensure that functionality of the eye and cosmetic appeal are maintained for the patient.

Skills Laboratory: Cryosurgery for eyelid masses

Jun 3, 2013

How to use extreme cold to easily treat tumors on dogs' eyelids.

Just Ask the Expert: Corneal problems in a young pup

Jun 1, 2012

Dr. Juliet Gionfriddo examines a case of a pup with a rough cornea with increased opacity.

Just Ask the Expert: Why does this duck have a foamy eye?

Oct 1, 2011

Dr. Juliet Gionfriddo helps find the cause of Lucky Duck's eye matter.

A challenging case: A dog with a painful red eye

Jul 1, 2011

This dog's problem was not conjunctivitis—as was first thought—but something much more serious.

Just Ask the Expert: Can a smoky sclera be normal?

Apr 1, 2011

Dr. Juliet Gionfriddo answers this reader query about a discolored sclera.

Image Quiz: A German shepherd with a history of a cloudy eye

Mar 2, 2011

What's causing this dog's increased intraocular pressure?

Image Quiz: Ophthalmology—A cat with a chronically red eye

Feb 3, 2011

What is your primary rule out in this cat?

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