Articles by Gina Toman, RVT - dvm360
Articles by Gina Toman, RVT

Video blog: Avoid certain phrases when talking to clients

Mar 10, 2010

Saying the wrong thing to clients could result in misunderstandings about the care their pets need.

Practices should use online client forms

Feb 2, 2010

This manager says clients and team members appreciate the efficiency of online forms.

Video blog: Mystery shopping for improved service

Jan 28, 2010

How to use mystery shoppers to improve client communications.

Video blog: Smooth appointment workflow

Dec 11, 2009

These scheduling secrets will calm the chaos at your practice.

Scheduling success: Follow the Rule of 3

Oct 14, 2009

Follow this simple rule to avoid long client wait times.

Pesky pest problem

Oct 1, 2009

Make talking about fleas less uncomfortable.

Video blog: Connect with clients through social networking

Sep 30, 2009

Here's how to use Twitter and Facebook to your practice's—and clients'—advantage

Video blog: Online client forms

Aug 19, 2009

Posting client forms online saves pet owners' time and yours.

Video blog: Role-playing done right

Jul 24, 2009

Role-playing doesn't have to be hokey or scary. Here's how to do it right

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Hospital Design

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