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Articles by Jan Miller

Be on high alert for online reviews

Jun 1, 2010

Use this handy tool to keep track of who's saying what about your practice.

Picking the right ratios for your clinic

Jul 29, 2008

Everybody has a different expense-to-revenue target. Here's how to make sense of it all.

Effective communication strategies for women—and men

Jun 1, 2008

Men use banter, joking, and playful put downs to establish authority. Women try to maintain an appearance of equality, downplaying their own authority while taking the other person's reactions into account. These rituals play out with both positive and negative outcomes for veterinarians.

Are women tough enough?

Jun 1, 2008

The gender earnings gap: It's difficult to talk about. But talking—with authority—is what female vets must do to earn more.

Shop till we drop

May 1, 2008

If you provide high-level care and compassion, most clients won't get worked up about fees.

The traits of an underearner

Mar 7, 2008

Read this list to see if you or someone you love is earning less than they should.

Offering paid time off

Jan 1, 2008

Q. How do I implement a paid time off policy at my practice?

10 tips for hiring right

Dec 1, 2007

Tip No. 1: Place an ad where top applicants are likely to look.

Abuse sick time and lose it

Oct 1, 2007

What can I do to get my employees to stop abusing sick days and show up to work on time?

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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