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Articles by Franklyn Garry, DVM. MS

Managing for improved dairy cow health (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

Over the last several decades we have witnessed tremendous changes in dairy production systems.

Managing newborn calf health – Part 2 (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

It should be a common philosophy among dairy veterinarians that it is far preferable to get off to a good start and assure/maintain health than to make up for deficiencies later and treat disease.

Economics of Johne's Disease (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

Over the last 10 years we have seen a very substantial change in dairy producers' approach to Johne's disease.

Dairy animal welfare (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

Dairy production systems in the U.S. have changed considerably over the last several decades due to forces that promote economic efficiency of production and to scientific and technological advances that afford opportunities for change.

Non-infectious newborn calf problems and survival (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

National survey data concerning dairy calf health and survival have shown very substantial death rates over the last 10 to 15 years.

Adult dairy cow mortality (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

Mortality rates in the dairy industry are much higher than those in the cow calf or feedlot industries.

Infectious problems of newborn calves (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

While the leading causes of calf illness and death within the first few days after delivery are non-infectious physiological disturbances, after that time, the majority of illness and death losses are attributable to infectious conditions.

Managing newborn calf health – Part 1 - Assessment (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

In the overwhelming majority of cases (except when a veterinarian delivers a calf in dystocia), the owner/herd manager will be the person best positioned to combat newborn calf health problems.

Is Crohn's Disease linked to Johne's Disease? (Proceedings)

Oct 1, 2008

This question can stimulate some very lively discussions. Understandably, many livestock producers can respond very negatively to the topic.

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