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Articles by Liz Nartowicz

How to handle weird client requests

Oct 1, 2010

Don't dismiss clients' requests—no matter how absurd they may be.

6 most annoying team members

Dec 8, 2009

Do any of these troublesome team members work at your practice?

Is your dream job just a fantasy?

Dec 1, 2009

Five myths to forget before you find the perfect position.

Old dog learns new trick: How to read!

Nov 24, 2009

New York dog recognizes written commands.

What you can do to help strays this season

Nov 3, 2009

Follow these winter safety tips for feral cats.

6 ways to ward off H1N1 at work

Oct 20, 2009

Take these steps to protect yourself against the flu.

Study analyzes the fight against pet obesity

Oct 13, 2009

Participate in a study to help raise awareness about the dangers of pet obesity—and possibly win $200 for your clinic.

Four ways to say no nicely

Oct 1, 2009

Don't fall victim to the yes syndrome. Use these techniques to say nay.

How to market your emergency services

Sep 15, 2009

Relationships with other practices make or break your referrals.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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