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Articles by Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

Guess what? Rules sometimes on a need-to-know basis

Nov 1, 2006

Ican't speak for every one of us, but I would have to say that for the most part, veterinarians tend to be people who have lived their lives following the rules.

Legally, puppy visits are never routine

Oct 1, 2006

In regard to legal troubles, expect it where you least expect it. As a veterinarian, I've had more than my share of employees, associate veterinarians and litigious clients.

Making it on the side

Sep 1, 2006

Our office routinely has professional interaction with accountants and accounting firms across the country. As a result, it has been my pleasure to become professionally and often personally acquainted with numerous accountants, both certified and otherwise, who handle an extensive amount of work for veterinarians.

Lease law: A river runs through it

Aug 1, 2006

As I write this month's submission, there is water streaming into the basement of my veterinary hospital.

When should I call my lawyer?

Jul 1, 2006

My office routinely receives calls from frustrated or perplexed veterinarians who are wonder whether a specific matter or problem that they are involved with might require an attorney.

Justice: Who says it's fair?

Jun 1, 2006

I think it is again time to remember the distinction between fairness and justice.

Standards of care: Apply them evenly to all patients

May 1, 2006

A complete patient record will help you collect full payment through collection, litigation or otherwise.

Playing the odds, balancing the quality of care with the need to get paid could prove a costly gamble

Apr 1, 2006

Gift-certificate medicine: Go crazy with diagnostics and treatment modalities as long as you don't go over $100.

License defense: Are you prepared?

Mar 1, 2006

Just because a complaint seems goofy or unfair, a practitioner still can shell out big bucks to defend a license.

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