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Articles by Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

Lease law: A river runs through it

Aug 1, 2006

As I write this month's submission, there is water streaming into the basement of my veterinary hospital.

When should I call my lawyer?

Jul 1, 2006

My office routinely receives calls from frustrated or perplexed veterinarians who are wonder whether a specific matter or problem that they are involved with might require an attorney.

Justice: Who says it's fair?

Jun 1, 2006

I think it is again time to remember the distinction between fairness and justice.

Standards of care: Apply them evenly to all patients

May 1, 2006

A complete patient record will help you collect full payment through collection, litigation or otherwise.

Playing the odds, balancing the quality of care with the need to get paid could prove a costly gamble

Apr 1, 2006

Gift-certificate medicine: Go crazy with diagnostics and treatment modalities as long as you don't go over $100.

License defense: Are you prepared?

Mar 1, 2006

Just because a complaint seems goofy or unfair, a practitioner still can shell out big bucks to defend a license.

Documents can't create a practice culture; people do

Feb 1, 2006

You cannot successfully create or alter a practice culture by drafting documents.

Legal War stories

Jan 1, 2006

A love note from the Empire State said it would seize the X-ray, ultrasound and Q-Tips to satisfy Oldtimer's sales tax obligations.

How to cut legal fees when starting or selling a practice

Nov 1, 2005

A retainer agreement should include a statement of hourly billing rates.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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