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Articles by Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

Third in a four-part series- Associate contracts: salary vs. production-basedcompensation

Mar 1, 2003

The initial two articles in this series on associate employment contracts dealt primarily with legal details of the contract; contract periods, renewal provisions and other esoteric elements that are commonly ignored when a new associate is considering a job offer.

Last in a two-part series: Timing can be everything with employment contracts

Feb 1, 2003

Pay close attention to deadlines, dates and expirations

First in a four-part series: Associate contracts: When are they necessary?

Jan 1, 2003

There are a host of decisions and options facing newly graduating veterinary students as they work through their final year.

Future partners: Do your homework

Nov 1, 2002

Veterinarians who are preparing to enter into partnerships are usually thinking one main thought, "We are going to make such great money and I can't wait to be able to share the workload."

Partnerships: Can you protect yourself from liability?

Oct 1, 2002

Second in a three-part series

First in a three-part series: Eyes wide open ensures successful partnership

Sep 1, 2002

DVM Newsmagazine readers who have seen my articles in the past know that as an attorney and business counselor, I am very conservative in recommending veterinary partnerships.

Trusts viable option to protect assets

Jul 1, 2002

As we mentioned last month, the best way to protect assets that have accumulated over a lifetime has a great deal to do with the perceived threats.

Consider prevention as a way to protect assets

May 1, 2002

As seasoned veterinary practitioners, we pretty much come to expect the unexpected.

'Insider' status can help cut muni red tape

Mar 1, 2002

Last time we reviewed a number of issues concerning situations where veterinarians and their local or state governments come into conflict.

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Hospital Design

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