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Articles by Mark Opperman, CVPM

Salary vs. production

Feb 1, 2006

The best of both worlds, the ProSal compensation formula pays associates on a percentage of production and guarantees a base salary. Find out why this method's a top choice for associates, and why you'll like it, too.

Staff expenses

Jan 1, 2006

Q How should salary expenses for staff as a percentage of revenue differ for an emergency or 24-hour practice compared to a traditional practice?

5-star service

Jan 1, 2006

I just returned from a practice-management meeting at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Fla. It was our 20th gathering, and we wanted it to be special, which is why we chose a Ritz-Carlton hotel. Everyone knows the Ritz represents the gold standard of service in the hotel industry. How do they achieve this lofty goal?

Fair, production-based pay

Dec 1, 2005

I'm a senior clinician getting a straight salary. My boss is changing my pay structure to base plus percentage. I'm nervous because often someone else does a workup and I'm stuck with a no-charge recheck, and sometimes we accept low-cost certificates, resulting in a lower charge.

Bridge the gap for new grads

Dec 1, 2005

Offering to put them in contact with a financial planner may just be the ticket for some new grads.

The devil's in the details

Nov 1, 2005

Is your practice losing ground compared to its past performance? If so, it's not necessarily cause for panic. Often you can get back on track by making some simple changes. To get started, dot the i's and cross the t's in these five areas:

Yearly production

Oct 1, 2005

How do you determine expected yearly production for veterinarians? How should it change based on years of experience?

The 10 most common hiring mistakes

Jun 1, 2005

Take these steps, and find that new person who fits with your team perfectly.

Zeroing in on your goals

Mar 1, 2005

Work better with goal planning.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design

A gutted building finds new life in Culver City, California



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